Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First Fashion Post

Yippee! I'm thrilled about doing a fashion post finally! I've been wanting to post my outfits for such a long time, so here I am doing exactly that! This was actually a very spontaneous day of "oooo! let's stop on the side of the road & take photos!" BAM. So, let me exxxppllaiinn my love for fashion.
-I LOVE THRIFTING. I think it's more of the hunt than anything. Searching and searching for a jack pot prize, & once you find it, it's a rush of adrenaline & you can't help but smile!
-I love putting opposites together! A girly, ruffly skirt and match it with something you wouldn't "think" would  match! YOU'RE WRONG! Most of all clothing matches, as long as you do it right! (secret: it's in how you wear it).
-The hair & makeup is all apart of the wardrobe as well. Your hair and face is an accessory that needs to compliment your outfit as well! so pull out that MASCARA ALONG WITH DEM BOBBY PINS girl!
 Camo Jacket: Thrift store. Watch: Urban Outfitters
 Oh you see this amazing Jumper? freaking sweet right? I got this lovely piece of clothing at DownEast Outfitters that carries Anthropologie clothes too at a discounted price! $25 bucks ladies and gentlemen! The jacket: DownEast, Earrings: Forever 21, Watch: Urban Outfitters
Outcome of wearing this outfit: FEELING ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. 

I hope you like this as much as I do. 
Lovers thee, -Taylor 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Zan & Our Faces

Went to Twin spontaneously! What happens when my auntie and I get bored, we say PHOTOSHOOT! "lets go snap some of dem peectures!" So thats what we did! We dolled ourselves up for a day of pure awesomeness! Can I just say that my aunt Zan worked it out there! Do you see her stunning face? Its so captivating it burns into the depths of your soul! Look at dem perdy eyes! Pure GORG!
We went down to the falls (In Twin Falls, ID) and went around the nature of the trail! Smart Choice. 
Enough talk, look at Zan...

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Table Rock Shoot

First shoot with hair chopped! & it feels oh so good! I absolutely love it! Anyways, my friend, Dyl (as in Dylan) and I decided to take a quick trip up to Table Rock and snap a few photos. BAM PEOPLE! look what we got! It was a giggle fest, I must say, but a successful one at that! We went to West Side Drive In after, and ate burgers and shakes till our tummies were stuffed with happiness. 


Saturday, April 27, 2013

flower child

Jenny Bodell is absolutely amazing (check out her blog by clicking her name). She has such vision and expertise. She got a new lens and insisted on taking pictures the day she got it! So we were OFF to take pictures at our favorite spot, Veterans PARK.
enjoy the awesomeness:

Love these photos!
seriously check her out... here's another link

Monday, April 8, 2013

cami hogan's vision

hello dear readers,
NEWS FLASH! Cami Hogan Photography is absolutely astonishing & you should check this sweet, lil, darlin' out! She's a Texas Gal with lots of visions and inspirations for her photos. This last week, she wanted to do a shoot with me (HECK YES I WOULD), and I modestly accepted. She picked out my sweet lil outfit from my closet, and we were OFF (like a dirty shirt), to an abandoned house. One word to describe this shoot: miraculous. The sunlight was perfect, the hair was great, and no zits that day! Yippee!
P.S: the outfit in this photo shoot was from the thrift variety.
 She's great, isn't she?
some of these I look like a dork, but hey, who doesn't?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

the college life continues..

My twinners (as in Jenny & Julie) have been so good to me & I can't help but acknowledge their greatness here on dee internet. this being my first semester, it's been a pain in the butt, and super emotional. they've given me smiles and happiness when my brain just can't take it any more and I want to scream! Jenny is such a hipster/dork & I love her for it. she's such a sweetheart & can always make me smile. Julie. Julie has opened me up to a totally different humor & she always makes me smile. even the simplest word as in,"hi," in 'julie voice' makes me chuckle. they're wonderful ladies. great great gals. they are the cutest GINGER twins I have ever seen in my entire life. they're bound to impress this world. LOVE YOU GIRLS.

thanks for reading...

friends are great

friends are great, aren't they?
they are there for you always, they treat you kindly, and can always be counted on. a friendship is something purely amazing. it's a miraculous feeling to know you have 'true' friends. I know I have a few good ones. One of them, my dear dylan, has been going through a tough time with himself. He's been a good childhood friend, who's moved away, and come back. People always ask why I'm friends with a guy who's about 2 years younger than me, and I think (who the hella cares.), he's my friend. & I love him dearly.
I think that our friendship will never fade to puny little ashes. 
So, point is that I made him a music video that said the exact words I wanted him to know. and what is this fabulous song, you ask? well, one of my absolute favorite bands, THE KILLERS. song: Deadlines and Commitments. okkay loves, enjoy!

to see the youtube video click here

but if you want to see a super sharp, sweet quality, click here!

Thanks for checkin' in lovlies,

Monday, March 4, 2013


when some of us get an idea in our head, we can't do anything else but pursue that idea. my friends and I couldn't help but cover the song "Emmylou" by First Aid Kit. So, as we searched and searched for some talented folk to join our band, we became even more obsessed. We ended up getting 4 boys and 4 girls together (including us). A BIG band, I know. But, we were having the best of times together. We had Logan on the Guitar (fabulous player), Jordan on the Ukulele, Michael on the drummy drums, Nathanial shakin' our shaker, Tia on the piano keys, Me (TAYLOR) on the cello, and my twinners, Jenny & Julie, doing vocals. WE. ROCKED. IT. we ended up trying out for BYUI's Icover; which is just a competition for cover songs. We didn't make it, but everyone was shocked we didn't. Through all this song makin biz, we still had a butt load of fun.

Practice in the Lounge:

love, taylor

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I'm a University Girl

So... I'm going to BYUI & I've been here for a couple days!... shall I scream it out? ...IT'S AMAZING! & I LOVE IT! most of all my friends are here & it's a party hardy in our apartment. Last night, my long lost friend, Brock, came to visit...
kkk. gotta get to bed. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

lets cheer up!

This song absolutely CHEERS me up!
so don't be a "SON OF A GUN"
& enjoy some fun.

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